Governments on the way towards the Localization of the SDGs


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* The international monitoring and reporting of the SDGs is being undertaken directly by UN agencies and national governments through a system of Voluntary National Reviews to the HLPF. UCLG is contributing to the HLPF’s yearly assessment cycles with reports on implementation from the perspective of local and regional governments.

The 2017 report, entitled “National and sub-national governments on the way towards localization”, introduces some of the initial outcomes drawn from first-hand information collected by networks of local and regional governments in over 30 countries, complemented by an analysis of the 63 official National Voluntary Reviews (NVRs) and ‘Main Messages’ presented so far by national governments for the 2016 and 2017 HLPF.

The report shows that local and regional governments are taking action or are beginning to act for the localization of the SDGs in all regions, but also that ‘localization’ remains unaddressed by the HLPF agenda. With nowhere to report from a local perspective or to showcase what is being done, the international community risks missing an opportunity to enhance the role of local and regional governments in achieving the SDGs. An adequate reporting framework should reward governments taking action to localize the SDGs and foster more local involvement where localization is lacking.

The report shares UCLG’s high hopes for the ‘Localizing the SDGs’ partnership with UNDP and UN-Habitat, the Local 2030 Hub (promoted by the office of the UN Secretary General), and the Local4Action Hub, which will support the localization strategy of UCLG and contribute to the broader agenda of the Global Taskforce.

The full report is available via the following link: National and sub-national governments on the way towards localization