Habitat III Policy Paper - Unit 5 on Municipal Finance & Local Fiscal System


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Habitat 3, Local taxation, SDGs

This final policy paper was released on February, the 29th 2016. It was produced by the two co-leaders, the World Bank and the Lincoln Institute on Land Policy, with contributions from the group of dedicated experts, which included Nathalie Le Denmat, Secretary Executive of the Committee. This paper should guide the drafting of the declaration of the UN Summit Habitat III that will take place in Quito, in October 2016.

A preleminary paper was released on December the 31st, 2015 for discussion, following a first issue paper released in April 2015. 

The paper tackles the topic of municipal finance in line with our main present and future avenues of research: What are the conditions, or the "key drivers", for an effective mobilization of local financial resources?

The key drivers pre-identified in this document are:

  • Improving outdated governance systems

  • Bridging shortfalls in endogenous resources

  • Building better local financial and asset management systems

  • Better systems for infrastructure finance

  • Developing systems for effective use of exogenous sources of finance